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Immediate Needs

Learning Together Scholarship Fund

School closures, including Learning Together, mean children do not get the structure, support, therapy, or meals they normally receive at school. And for some children, missing a meal at school means missing a meal. Parents missing work and bringing home less in their paychecks means families are having to make tough decisions about food, housing, and other needs.

Under these circumstances, many parents with child care subsidy vouchers struggle to pay state-mandated parent fees. These parents need Learning Together now more than ever, and scholarship funds to cover this expense are desperately needed. 

If you are able to donate to the Learning Together Scholarship Fund to help our families in need continue to provide an education for their children, please consider making a donation today.

Please enter "Scholarships" in the comments section of the donation form if donating to our Scholarship Fund. 

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General Donations

You can help give the gift of education to young children here in our community. Each year, Learning Together helps children with and without disabilities, who are often living in poverty to overcome challenges, reach their goals, and prepare for success in kindergarten and beyond.

But our children need champions. They need YOU. Your support matters because it supplies the paint brushes and glue sticks that little hands use to make masterpieces. Your support provides the therapy that makes big dreams like first steps or first words possible. It serves up two nutritious meals and healthy snacks every school day. All year long.

Your support matters because it makes a BIG difference in the life of a SMALL child who needs it. The child may live in poverty. The child may have a disability. It doesn’t matter. All of our children have potential that, together, we can help them reach.

If so, we hope you’ll invest in the future of the extraordinary children we serve by making a tax-deductible gift to Learning Together. Monthly and one-time giving options are available and gifts can be made online by clicking here or sent to the address below.

What Your Gift Can Do:

  • $20,000: Provides all teacher salaries, materials, equipment, resources, and curriculum to open one classroom for the first two months of operation
  • $10,000: Provides salaries for a teacher and a teacher's assistant in one classroom for the first two months of operation
  • $5,000: Provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy for five children
  • $2,500: Provides the furniture, educational centers, and classroom materials for one classroom
  • $1,000: Provides the teaching curriculum and supplies for one classroom
  • $750: Provides nutritious snack options for a year for one classroom
  • $500: Provides center supplies and playground toys for one classroom
  • $250: Provides art supplies for five months of projects for one classroom
  • $____: A gift of any level helps fund various needs in our classrooms

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Thank you for being a friend to Learning Together!


To mail in your gift, please send it to the attention of:

Learning Together
568 E. Lenoir Street, Suite 204
Raleigh, NC 27601


To make a gift by phone, please call  919-856-5204

Matching Gifts

Several companies will support their employees in their charitable giving by matching their contribution to qualifying 501c3 nonprofits! Make your gift go even further by checking with your company about their Matching Gift Program. Some companies will double or even triple their employee's gift!

Here is a list of companies that participate in some type of matching gift program!

Contributions to Learning Together are tax-deductible under all IRS rules and regulations.

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