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Give the Gift of Literacy During the Month of November

Give the gift of Literacy during the month of November! November is often a time of reflection, of generosity, and gratefulness. All month long, Learning Together will be focusing on literacy projects for our young children served and we want you to be part of it!

Why Should I Help?
There are numerous studies on the importance reading has on a child's life and future education. The National Center for Family Literacy states that, "If daily reading begins in infancy, by the time the child is 5 years old, he or she has been fed roughly 900 hours of brain food! Reduce that experience to just 30 minutes a week, and the child’s hungry mind loses 770 hours of nursery rhymes, fairy tales and stories. A kindergarten student who has not been read to could enter school with less than 60 hours of literacy nutrition. No teacher, no matter how talented, can make up for those lost hours of mental nourishment.” (USDOE, 1999)

What Can You Do?
We are asking for you to clean out your child's bookshelves! Pick up an extra book when visiting your local bookstore (Quail Ridge Books is one of our favorites!) or mega-store and arrange a time to drop it off at Learning Together!

Stock the Literacy Cart & Lending Library
Help us to create and stock a literacy cart and lending library for the young children we serve complete with books, cd players, books on tape, headphones, and more! Here is a full list of items you can donate during November's Month of Giving:

  • New Children's Books (only ages 1 - 5 years)
  • Gently Used Children's Books (only ages 1 - 5 years)
  • Books that focus on specific themes are of great use to us! (Shapes, Colors, Letters, Animals, Community Helpers, Friendship, Science, Holidays, Seasons, Feelings, Diversity, Emotions, Culture, Nature, Personality Characteristics)
  • Children's Books on CD (only ages 1 - 5 years)
  • CD Players
  • Headphones
  • LeapFrog Tag Reading & Writing Systems and books
  • iTunes Gift Cards for digital books
  • Mobile Cart

When can I drop off my Donation?
We are happy to schedule a time for you to drop off your donated items during regular program hours. Simply send us an email to schedule a time convenient for you!

Can My Group, Business, Church, etc. hold a Book Drive?
YES! What a great idea! All we ask is that books be in good condition and that they are age and ability appropriate for the children we serve (age range 1 - 5 years old).

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?
Learning Together is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. We will happily provide you with a contribution receipt for your gift. Please be sure to fill out our In-Kind Form in order to receive your receipt.

Can I make a monetary gift instead of books?
YES! Your support is greatly needed and will be put towards our mission of meeting the developmental, educational, and health needs of young children of all abilities! To make a donation online visit www.learningtogether.org/donate.

Should I tell my friends and family about this?
YES! Help us spread the word about Giving the Gift of Literacy! You can download and share our flyer on facebook, twitter, and every where else!

Thank you for your interest in our Give the Gift of Literacy Campaign! You can help us reach our goal of 200 books donated!

Scheduling A Drop Off: